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About US

LIAONING YUAN PENG AUTO PARTS MFG. LTD. Is located in Shenyang city where is our manufacturing base, it is the largest and most important manufacturing industry center in the northeast of china.

Our main products are auto spare parts & accessories, refitted vehicles & parts, motorcycle parts and construction machinery parts etc. the parts include engines, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, starter, alternator transmission parts, turbo and some other electric parts and chassis parts, axles, leaf spring and so on. We are also specialized in developing new products according to customer’s samples and drawings.

As a golden supplier company in the area of automotive parts and accessories distribution for manufactures and after market sectors, LYP offers its customers a broad well ariculated commercial selection.

We are selling the parts to the area of the North America, South America, European Countries, Australia, South East Of Asia, Africa and the Middle East countries for many years.
Along with our long experiences and excellent power in auto parts field, we have provided our customers with good products and service. Our products are welcomed by different country customers with satisfied quality and competitive prices. And we could have continuously increased our business every year. Thanks to full co-operation of our customers.

Our company have been certified to GB/T19001-2000 ISO9001:2000 successively. We will try our best to be a world class auto parts supplier and offer best service to the customers.

Formed by a term of highly qualified professionals and dedicated staff, technicians and management people, advanced production and quality control process. Our mission has been to add value to our clients by offering products to a high and consistent quality standard at the most competitive prices for worldwide market. And we are aiming at improving the quality of our products and services from time to time so as to win trust and support from clients. We always serve our clients with great enthusiasm and patience.

We sincerely welcome OEM/ ODM orders and we hope to be your reliable partner and also to grow our business together.

We are looking forward to establishing a long term business relationship with any customers on the basis of mutual benefits. We promise that we will do our best as much as we can for your successful business.

Let’s move forward hand in hand to the bright future as well as happiness in your life.

If you have any questions or requests, get in touch with us and our experts will promptly get back to you.

Welcome to Liaoning Yuan Peng Auto Parts Mfg. Ltd.    辽ICP备06011021号-1
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